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Consultancy & Mentoring

Consultancy & Mentoring

Consultancy Pack available to buy! Contact us for more information.

Children’s Neuro Physio offers consulting and mentoring services. We also have a Consultancy Pack available for purchase which includes information and advice from our top consultants. Please see below or contact us for more information.


Our director Heather Epps supervises both Band 7 and Band 8 paediatric physiotherapists.

Our associates have extensive primarily offer supervision to Band 5 and Band 6 paediatric physiotherapists. This can be in their place of work. The service we offer includes:-

  • Video conferencing
  • Face to face interviews, advice and discussion
  • Problem solving and analysis with or without your students/patients
  • Hands on working with your patients/students(please check the CRB requirements of your trust)
  • Assistance with development of CPD portfolio
  • Assistance with the development of protocols, procedures, programmes, care pathways to a draft level…
  • Advice on integrated working in schools
  • Advice on statements of SEN, equipment and joint working
  • Guidance for good practice in aquatic therapy and pool management

Our director Heather has extensive clinical, managerial, consultative and tutoring experience in paediatric physiotherapy and aquatic physiotherapy. She has worked in many and diverse roles over the years including leading a trial management team, heading adolescent and paediatric MDT’s, chair of staff side and acting head of paediatric physiotherapy services for the Royal Liverpool Children’s NHS trust and Community Services. In these numerous roles Heather has developed excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving and negotiating skills, and has acted as an objective confidential advisor in many complex and challenging situations.

Heather considers that her past experiences, insight and personality lend themselves well to the role of mentor in both a formal and informal capacity.

Please contact Heather directly on for further information.


Our goal is to work with you in such a way as to make your service more efficient and cost-effective whilst maintaining quality physiotherapy care and to provide you with the benefit of our expertise and experience. We can also “fill the gap” when physiotherapy services are not available for short periods of time.

We offer:

  • Expert, in-depth, information advice and guidance on setting up and developing physiotherapy services within the home, schools and colleges
  • Developing action plans and strategic development and planning of services
  • Assessing and developing physiotherapy programmes in schools or as part of care packages, training families, carers, educational staff in their delivery
  • Assessing equipment needs
  • Assessing the home and school environment
  • Assistance with the development of protocols, procedures, programmes, care pathways to a draft level…
  • A consultancy training pack for case managers, carers and support workers
  • Guidance on transitional services

See for hydrotherapy consultancy services