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Developmental Delay

Developmental Delay

  • When we look at a baby’s development it’s the “HOW” not necessarily the “WHEN” that interest us
  • Most of our motor development occurs in the first year of life
  • It’s not just about the obvious milestones
  • You can influence your baby’s development
  • We are highly experienced and skilled specialised neuropaediatric physiotherapists
  • We are all mother’s ourselves
  • We only treat children
  • We are honest, reliable and consistent

It can be difficult, especially if this is your first child, to know what is “normal” development and whether your child needs help or if you should be worried (see Worried About Your Child) that they aren’t developing and learning skills at the same pace as the other babies in your post natal and baby groups.

Most of the time babies do catch up, but children can be delayed because of an underlying already diagnosed condition, such as global developmental delay (GDD), cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome or developmental dyspraxia

Developmental Dyspraxia

(DCD, Developmental Co-ordination Disorder)

  • The brain finds it difficult to plan & co-ordinate activities & movement, often associated with problems with sensory processing.
  • Dyspraxia/DCD affects children from an early age. If they miss out on areas of physical development it affects their learning & they are behind their peers when they start school. Early intervention is important.
Global Developmental Delay
  • Global developmental delay can be present in young children with other conditions, often but not exclusively related to sensory processing, modulation and integration difficulties or hypermobility (extra bendy joints) in combination with low floppy muscle tone, or sometimes there is no clear cause.


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