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Case Managers & Health Professionals

Case Managers & Health Professionals

Why Children’s Neuro Physio
  • We are highly experienced, trained specialised neuropaediatric physiotherapists
  • We are experts – we only treat children
  • We are honest, reliable and flexible to meet the child & family’s needs
  • We always try to integrate therapeutic handling into day to day living and work with and alongside families, schools and the team
  • We have excellent interpersonal skills
  • We provide timely and realistic itemised quotations and recommendations
  • Our referrers keep instructing us

Children’s Neuro Physio provide an
initial assessment and immediate needs report.
This includes recommendations for:

  • Physiotherapy treatment programmes
  • Training for families and carers
  • Equipment needs
  • Breakdown of costs necessary to carry out programmes & set up package

We then produce regular progress reports that demonstrate how our joint agreed goals and outcomes for the child and their family are being met.

Physiotherapy treatment programmes

We provide packages of physiotherapy care and advice on the present and future physiotherapy and equipment needs of children with neurological dysfunction and have considerable expertise in complex needs as well as working with the ambulatory child.

We provide individual treatments and personalised physiotherapy programmes at the child’s home, nursery, school, college, hydrotherapy or swimming pool.

We work alongside other professionals to use joint working to reduce the time impact of therapies on the lives of the child and their families.

Our programmes are entirely child and family focused and designed to be integrated into daily life, play, life skills and where appropriate the school curriculum

Training for families and carers

We have found the key to providing a long term and rewarding relationship with the young person, their family and carers is through specific and regular team training and joined up working with all disciplines involved.

We provide experienced specialised neuropaediatric physiotherapists that do not treat adults. Our staff have excellent interpersonal skills and have all worked in complex needs. Many of our staff have and continue to integrate physiotherapy with specific educational approaches such as conductive education and MOVE.

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