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Why Children’s Neuro Physio
  • We are highly experienced, trained specialised neuropaediatric physiotherapists
  • We are experts – we only treat children
  • We are honest, reliable and flexible to meet the child & family’s needs
  • We always try to integrate therapeutic handling into day to day living and work with and alongside families, schools and the team
  • We have excellent interpersonal skills
  • We provide timely and realistic itemised quotations and recommendations
  • Our referrers keep instructing us

Children’s Neuro Physio provides a service to a number of special & mainstream schools. We offer a comprehensive range of consultative services to both independent and local authority schools and nurseries including:

  • Treatment and advice for children statemented to receive physiotherapy that local services are unable to provide
  • Discussion and advice with staff, TAs & SENCOs for individuals, class and/or whole school issues
  • Attendance at meetings, annual reviews with parents and other professionals
  • Observation – in the classroom or individually
  • School-based individual assessments
  • Assistance with IEP’s, integrated session plans, SMART goals and Statements
  • Advice on strategic development in relation to specific departments or whole school development plans
  • School-based training workshops, seminars and inset sessions
  • School based individual and group therapy

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