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Neurological Disorders

Neurological Disorders

Why Children’s Neuro Physio?
  • Our team are very experienced
  • We are highly experienced and skilled specialised neuropaediatric physiotherapists
  • We are all mother’s ourselves
  • We only treat children
  • We are honest, reliable and consistent
  • We have excellent interpersonal skills
  • We are trained in a range of different concepts such as SI, taping, postural management, aquatic therapy & many more
  • We have all worked with children and babies with different levels of severity, pre and post SDR, surgery, DBS, ITB pumps
  • We can integrate physiotherapy with specific educational approaches such as conductive education, profound curriculum, ASDAN and MOVE

If your child’s condition is not listed this does not mean we do not have experience in this area. Please contact us to discuss our expertise, we specialise in children’s neurological physiotherapy. Our approach to physiotherapy treatment will depend on your child’s condition.

Neurological Conditions

Hydrocephalus can affect the brain and a child’s development and learning. It can also be associated with other conditions, such as spina bifida.


Baby’s head is smaller than normal for their age and gender. Some children have associated learning difficulties and developmental delay.

Downs Syndrome

Babies with Downs syndrome may have developmental delay and hypermobility (extra bendy joints) with low floppy muscle tone and muscle weakness. Some children may have other associated complications that mean they require more physiotherapy.

Metabolic Disorders

Some of these disorders lead to failure to thrive and developmental delay. If associated with floppy muscle tone, encephalopathy and seizures, this can lead to further problems that affect mobility and learning.

Mucopolysaccharidosis (MPS)

MPS and related diseases are rare. These multi-organ storage diseases cause progressive physical disability and in many cases severe degenerative and learning difficulties.

Brain abscess

An infection encapsulated in the brain and localised to one or more area. Brain abscesses are rare.

Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS)

GBS is a temporary condition that affects the nerves in the body causing muscle weakness, pain, and temporary paralysis. Stiff muscles and contracted joints can be problematic, muscle strength retraining and rehabilitation are required.


An inflammation of the membranes that surround the brain and the spinal cord. The severity of a child’s symptoms and prognosis depend on the organism that is causing the meningitis.


A seizure is when part(s) of the brain receives a burst of abnormal electrical signals that temporarily interrupts normal electrical brain function. Epilepsy is often associated with other birth and childhood syndromes (for example Lennox Gastaut and Angelman), conditions (cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus) and injuries that require physiotherapy.

Brain tumours

Brain tumours that happen during childhood are very different from adult brain tumours because of the type of cells and how they respond to treatment. There are different types that can occur in different areas of the brain and affect a child’s neurological and motor function.

Other syndromes we see include Battens, Retts, Sickle Cell Anaemia, Dandy Walker, to name but a few…

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