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CNPhys are delighted to welcome Xanthe to our team

CNPhys are delighted to welcome Xanthe to our team

Published: Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Xanthe brings a wealth of knowledge and clinical skills and says about herself:

“My wide clinical experience has equipped me with the level of knowledge and skill base to provide both a high quality assessment and analysis of a child’s areas of difficulty and then make the most appropriate intervention. I have many years of experience of working with children and a clear understanding of areas of postural management, use of orthotics and serial casting and which children might benefit from botulinum toxin injections and other orthopaedic interventions. My time at GOSH I was able to see SDR surgery, be part of the assessment process and treat children in the initial stages following surgery. My time at the Bobath Centre has enabled me to refine my assessment and treatment skills, building on the foundation of my varied and diverse community experience. My recent study at postgraduate MSc level in all areas of clinical practice has provided me with current information and recommendations and so the knowledge and ability to provide high quality, well-reasoned intervention to a wide variety of childhood conditions. I welcome the opportunity to bring my experience to CNPhys to help with further development of an excellent quality of service.”